About Iranian World explorers , Omidvar Brothers

In 1954, Issa and Abdullah Omidvar, tow enthusiastic and daring Iranian brothers, desided to go beyond their countr's boundaries adn discover the world.

Their eagerness for reaching faraway lands took them into an incomparable adventure that kept them traveling across the most recondite territories on earth for ten years.In those days, in which there were no travelfacilities to speak of.The started their adventures on tow motorcycle from Tehran to Mashad, continuing then on route of the orient.

As part of this adventure, unique in the Iranian history, they crossed burning deserts, the dense forests of the Amazon, the Itori forest of the central Africa, the Australian continent with its Aborigines. In I957 they traveled to the frozen lands of Arctic and lived with the Eskimos, in I966 they were the first from Asia to explore the Antarctica with the scientific expedition of Chile.

They experimented the day-to-day living with the most primitive tribes under the harshest climates, acknowledging realities dramatically different from their prior experiences.

The brothers returned to their homeland in I964 after 7 years of adventures. Nevertheless, the planet’s mysterious lure and the differences and similarities of its inhabitants soon prompted them into another adventure, this time the idea was to explore the African continent, thus beginning a three years to travel via Kuwait and Saudi Arabia by a faithful Citroen 2CV as their third travel companion.

The fruits of their exploration are, among others, a great photographic and documentary films, hunting equipment and household utensils from diverse primitive tribes.

With such a treasure, unique in its kind, this museum illustrates the wealth, complexity and diversity of human culture and in many cases, of human organization that succumbed, victims of the world’s explosive development.

This is why the collection exhibited in this museum is a mute and loyal testimony of the outstanding and courageous prowess carried out in I0 years of toil by these two brothers, Issa and Abdullah Omidvar. We invite you to enjoy it

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